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Frequently Asked Questions

. . . about Vermont Adult Day Programs

How do I get my loved one to take a tour and learn more about the program?

Spending a couple of hours visiting and experiencing an adult day program is a wonderful way to learn more about what we do and meet some of our other participants and staff. It is not a commitment to attend—it is more of a “test drive.” We try to gently encourage folks to simply check it out either for the short-term or for “sometime in the future.”

What do you do all day at your adult day program?

Every program is a little different, but every program will have lots of activities to offer—safe and stimulating experiences ranging from music and art to board games, darts, shuffleboard, bingo and even some light exercises. Our programs may include dancing, off-site outings, guest speakers, art classes, celebrations of regular holidays and birthdays, theme parties, and lots of unusual fun games. Many activities are intended to be mentally stimulating and encourage continued learning based on the individualized needs of the participant. The goal is to have fun, make friends, learn new things, enhance brain health and memory and stay as active as you can, based on your interests and needs.

Each program can provide more detailed information about their specific activities and calendar of events.

Do I have to come every day?

No. Each center will work with you and your family to design a schedule that makes the most sense, given your personal circumstances and wishes.

Do you offer transportation from my home to your program?

Transportation is a key part of ensuring access to our programs. Each center has a program of transportation, and some programs offer door-to-door rides to make it as easy as possible to attend our program. The social worker in charge of enrolling new participants will be able to describe the specific program for each adult day program.

Are meals provided?

Yes! Nutritious food is an essential part of providing excellent care. Different programs have different ways to meet this need; some programs offer home-cooked meals every day. Check with the social worker who is in charge of enrolling new participants to learn more.

Do you offer caregiver support?

Caregivers have their own special and significant needs. Adult day centers offer geriatric and caregiver counseling in addition to hands-on care for the elderly participants. It is an important part of our work.

Are there any on-site healthcare services available at adult day programs?

On-site healthcare services are available at all adult day programs, including nursing care, social work/counselling services and more. Each program is different, but we all share a common focus on ensuring that our participants are well cared for and supported, while having a fun and stimulating day in a loving and respectful environment.

What do your services cost and are they covered by Medicaid and Medicare?

Each center charges an hourly rate for adult day services, as well as different rates for Counseling Services. There are Vermont state programs, including Medicaid, that cover our services, as well as reimbursement from the Veterans Administration to help pay for elderly folks who have served in the military. Medicare (the federal program) does not currently cover our services. 

We are happy to discuss financial issues with you and your family.

Is there an adult day program near me?

There are adult programs throughout Vermont. Click here to see the complete list of programs with contact information. We would love to hear from you!